Monday, June 21, 2010

"You are really getting along with the aluminum foil, aren't you?"

That's what Travis said to me tonight as I fixed supper. And yes, we are getting along very well. I have discovered...that if you line the pan with foil before you bake, cleaning up is much easier. Yep, ladies that's right! Tired of cleaning the pan before it goes in the dishwasher? Tired of cleaning the pan after you have already washed it once? No more! Line the pan with foil and your worries are over. But has been amazing. I just remove the foil and lightly wash the pan. That's it! Why didn't I think of this before?

On another note...Gentry rolled over tonight...and I missed it. I put him on the floor when I got home, went to change clothes, and when I returned he was on his belly. He did it again later but I missed the first time. Maybe I'll get his first word, or his first steps.

I took Aug to see her first movie at the theater on Friday. We saw Toy Story 3. It was sooooo cute! A little long but definantly worth it when it got to the end. And to think, 15 years ago I was watching the first Toy Story movie with the same anticipation that August watched this one with. I love this movie because, while it has subtle appeals for adults, it is not raunchy like some "Disney" movies that are coming out now.

And finally...August spent some time with Amy a couple weeks ago. See Amy's blog for pics and the whole story. She had such a good time with her.