Sunday, August 30, 2009

Too Busy!

I had really good intentions to take pictures of August today. I even put her in a cute outfit for it. Then she deemed her jeans "too big" and took them off. She traded them in for more comfy pants. Then the sun never came out and it has just really been a yucky day. Maybe later in the week I will get some pictures of her.

So while Aug's pants are too big, mine are too small. I have grunted around all day in a pair of jeans that used to fit quite nicely. Maybe I should have changed. This little thing has been the cause of much frustration lately. I thought I was past morning sickness (or rather all day sickness). Nuh uh. Now it happens at night. I get really hungry and start to fix supper. Just about when we are ready to eat, the nausea hits. Blah! I haven't eaten a full supper in about a week. (But I eat like a horse all day, so I guess that makes up for it!)

I started student teaching last week. We had two inservice days and then three days of students. I am in a second grade class. So far I have two really funny stories. (I know in only three days I have two great stories!) Sorry, I can't share them on here becuase of privacy for my students. I like the teachers that I am working with and the school. Today, I ironed all my laundry from last week. Do you know how long it has been since I ironed?!?!?!? What a pain! Oh, well. I guess it comes with the territory.

Aug counted at me today. We were both upstairs getting ready for the day. I went downstairs for more coffee (decaf, ew). She told me to "get up here now!" She then counted to ten and stomped both feet until I went back up with her.

We have watched three movies today. Well, I watched three movies. She watched three halves of movies. She kept wanting to watch them and then never made it the whole way through. She got really upset when I tried to turn them off. I mean threw herself on the floor and cried upset.

For those of you haven't seen, visit our photo blog. I took some senior pictures of my cousin, Serena. She did a really great job. I would pose her and then she would change her expression for every shot. I took almost 300 pictures of her and got about 100 usable. Some of my favorites are on the blog. Looking back, I see what I should have changed in some instances. My technique will improve. She was the first person I have shot that wasn't August! It was different having someone actually pay attention to me with my camera. Aug usually ignores me!

TTFN! Ta ta for now....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Misadventures of a Farm Wife, Part 2

Have I told you how much I love my farm life lately? I only wish I had pictures to prove these things. I swear they really do happen!

Let me set the stage...

Monday night. It's raining. We had just finished supper. I grab August's pj's and start to put them on her. Travis says, "oh, sh**!"

"What!" I yell back.
"Cows are out."
"You need help?" I question.
"It would be nice."

I tell August to put her shoes on. What does she grab? Her rubber cow boots! I put on my tennis shoes and situate August on my hip. As we walk out the front door August reminds me that it is raining and that she is getting wet.

The jerseys, enjoying the rain and their new found freedom, take off across the does Travis. I see the open gate and head for it. Four, five, six cows are out that I can round up by myself. I coax them gently using nice words like "stupid jersey get back in there" and "good holstein, you know what to do." They're in. I lock the gate, rain dripping down my nose, August still telling me that it is raining and that she is wet.

I walk around to the other side of the farm to help Travis and the students round up the last ten or so cows. Kid still on my hip. Only a farm wife would be able to achieve such a feat!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Riding Horses

These are some of the pictures I took this weekend at Dennis and Linda's house. August got to ride one of the horses. Travis took her up into the hay loft so I could get some pictures. After I had taken a few she looked at Travis and said, "Ok daddy. Now jump." I guess she wanted him to jump out.

See my Photo Blog for more pictures.