Sunday, March 29, 2009

What a Day...and Night

We had a bridal shower for Amy yesterday. Of course, August was on the "Welcoming Committee." She walked down the center aisle and said "hi" to everyone. Amy got ALOT of really nice stuff! (That she could share. Hint, hint. Just kidding.) There was sooooo much cake left. We went to the Gypsy last night. We had a really good time there, too. Check Amy's blog for those pictures. ( They have a whole wall that is one giant chalk board. Wow is the only word that comes to mind. You'll see if she posts some pictures from last night. Anyway, she is going to be a very beautiful bride and we wish her and Rylan all the best.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

So Much Drama

August knocked over the baby gate last night and some how she ended up under it. She would not get up. She cried while I ran upstairs to get my camera to take her picture. She acted like it was too heavy. Of course, I laughed.

Monday, March 16, 2009

I know I'm a mom because...

10. The babysitter is my new best friend.

9. Support from anyone is welcome, but support from family and friends is priceless.

8. My days are planned around naps.

7. Her naps that is...I don't remember the last nap I took.

6. Words like "bathroom" and "bed" have been replaced with "potty" and "na-night."

5. I am learning that things just don't quite go back the way we want them and gravity will eventually take its toll. Damn, mother nature!

4. When normal people are going out, I am going to bed.

3. I just filled a 200 page album with pictures from the last three months. (And I didn't even print all of them.)

2. I have touched poop, not by rolls out of the diaper.

1. Snot has become an accessory.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Bridal Weekend

Amy's church threw her a great bridal shower this weekend. All her girls were there. And the flower girls got introduced. Amy gave each of them the cuttest chick in a wire cage. One of the little girls wanted August to take hers out, like she had. August just looked at her like she was crazy. Amy got ALOT of really nice stuff for her house. The pictures that Mimi and her mom made were just beautiful!

After the shower we went to get shoes and Amy came along to try on her dress. The girls at the bridal shop had added ribbons and buttons to bustle the dress. She was just BEA-UTIFUL! And then August stomped on her train. I could have just died. We learned how to bustle the train and then they showed August that she could fit underneath her dress. I wish I could post some of the pictures now. It was soooo funny. In one picture, she sat down and all you can see are th bottoms of her shoes. I just hope that August doesn't do that during the ceremony.

I'll be home in a few weeks for more wedding stuff! I love weddings! I am so happy Amy asked me to be a part of hers.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Our Needs

Okay, Amy. I did it. OMG, too funny.

My Needs
1. Erin needs to wear shirts. Uhhh....Check.
2. Erin's needs supercededs Mia's. Not really sure. I don't know any Mia's or their needs.
3. Erin needs a new job, please! Duh. Just a real job would be nice.
4. Erin needs to have a helmet on during transportation. And during the other hours of the day when I get stressed.
5. Erin needs to know what Janelle expects of her. Janelle who? What does anyone expect of me.

Travis' Needs
1. Travis wants everything his way, and it's his mom's responsibility to make sure everthing goes his way. Replace mom with wife. Just joking, hun. But seriously....
2. Travis needs another beer. And bring me another!
3. Travis needs a McCallum loss at Crocket. I think this is about football. Close enough to actuality.
4. Travis needs a middle name. Maybe just one that I can call him when he's in trouble.
5. Travis needs some lovin. Hmmm.........

August's Needs
1. August needs a singer. She is her own singer. She swung around her pole tonight and sang Ring Around the Rosie.
2. August needs a guitarist. Maybe to play backup while she sings.
3. August needs a Holiday. Good wish. Her 2nd birthday is on Easter.
4. August needs a good night's sleep. Hey! That's what I need!
5. August needs a Geek friend. Maybe just a smart friend she can learn with. (I think I have the smartest almost-2-year-old on the planet.)