Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This Weekend

Mom, Aug, and Gent reading "Cooper" on the iPad.  I love that they both are resting their heads in their hands!

At the Zoo!  I thought I would take a picture of the kids when we first got there while they were both contained and not grumpy...

...and then I took Gentry's juice out of his hand.  Hmph!

Feeding the giraffes!

Gent thought it was pretty awesome.  Aug wasn't too sure about their tongues.

Gentry watching the roofers at mom and dads.  He would have been out there if I would have let him!

Last Weekend

I finally got my new backdrops and lights.  I'm super eager to try them out!  Any takers?

Amy's baby shower!  We can't wait to meet the little girl.

Aug swimming on her own! Amy taught her.  What am I going to teach her little girl?

Buster Brown just hangin'!

Michelle's Bridal Shower!

Three generations...that look like strangers.  Could we be any different?