Monday, July 20, 2009

Where's Auggie's Tools?!?!?!

Travis changed the oil in his truck tonight...and August had to help. He gave her a couple of tools so that she could help him and work on her tricycle, too. She handed him rags and watched him under the truck. When he was done, I picked up the tools that he had given her to put them away. If looks could kill! She pointed at me and said, "Where's Auggie's tools? You put away? A (meaning give) back!" It was too funny. She is so sweet watching him pouring the oil in.

(By the way, whoever made the cake...its really good! All I need is a can of whipped cream!)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

He Does Know How to Fish!

Let me illustrate last night for you.

Travis: Do you care if I go fishing?
Me: No, not really.

He leaves. I put August to bed. I do some homework and fall asleep.

Front door slams.

Travis: Erin! Put some pants on and get your camera! I have something to show you!

I slowly put pants on. I'm tired. I suppose I was having a nice dream. I don't really remember. I was quite startled when he came in.

Travis: Look at these! I told you I could fish! (I have been teasing him about not being able to fish. He has been going a couple times a week and has not caught anything.)

So I take his picture.

Travis: Put this picture on your blog tomorrow. Could you get me one of your good knives?

One of his friends comes to the house. Travis had called a bunch of people he was so excited. Are you kidding me?!?!? I am in my pajamas. And you want me to help you? So I get the knife and sit on the kitchen floor by the back door. (Remember, I'm tired.) He comes to get the knife.

Travis: Can you get me a gallon bucket?
Me: You do not need a container that big! You did not catch that many fish!
Travis: Just get it, please.

This morning he showed me, these two fish and a smaller one filled the gallon bucket. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my life?

July 4th Weekend

We had a good Fourth of July despite the rain. We were going to see Derek race but it was canceled. Instead we got to spend time with family. August had fun playing with her cousins. I got to witness the difference between boys and girls. Simon picked up a toy gun and August had no idea what he was doing. She just looked at him like he was crazy. After supper we took the kids outside to let them litterally run off some steam. Then we had S'mores! It has been years since I had had S'mores. I forgot how good they were! August and I went to my Aunt Janet's to watch the fireworks. The first one scared her but after that she loved it. She is still talking about them and how they went "boom." She uses her hands to show the fireworks going up in the air when she says it.
Dennis and Linda with Tori's boys and August.
Kids: August, Perrin, Simon, Stephen, and Rolande.
August petting one of the horses at Dennis and Linda's.

The only time these two got along Saturday. They are just the right age that everything is "mine" and they don't want to share.

August trying to blow out her sparkler.

August and Alex watching the fireworks. August said they were "pretty" and "I yike it!"