Saturday, December 17, 2011

Six Years Ago

Six years ago I woke up for the last time as a single girl at my mom and dad's house.

Six years ago I drove to the church and was helped into a white dress by four close friends, each representing a major part of my life until that point.

Six years ago I held a bouquet of pink roses and white alstroemerias and was walked down the church aisle by my dad.

Six years and two kids later. I asked Travis if he had any regrets...

He didn't answer.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

On Teaching Charity

I've spent some time this holiday season thinking about how we as a family could give back. Travis and I have talked about what we would like to do for 4-H clubs and the FFA when we get back to Olney. (Both played such a big roll in what we are.) But for the time being, we want to make sure our kids realize how good they've got it and what it means to help others.

Finally I realized what we could do. A local radio station was holding a 13 hour toy drive at Walmart. Perfect. We would hurry to get ready and go to Walmart before I had to go to work. August was to pick out a toy, something that she likes to play with at home, to donate to Toys for Tots.

Quickly she settled on Strawberry Shortcake, with pink hair of course. We checkout out and August proudly carried her purchase to the tent outside. She was about to drop it in the box when the morning radio personalities appeared. One of them recognizes me from work. He looked at me, looked at August and said, "can we interview her on the radio?" Sure. "Great. We are live in ten seconds." A man from AT&T rushed out and recorded it.

YouTube Video

We had never intended on such a big deal being made of August's first donation. However, I am so happy it did. I hope that she always remembers that day.

We are so proud of her. She is wise beyond her years and compassionate. She may have taught me more than I taught her that day.

(Thank you WIXY for hosting the toy drive. Thank you AT&T for making a contribution and for recording it for us. Thank you Roofing Dog for being there. Both kiddos were amazed to see such a large and friendly dog.)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Just the Kiddos

New pics of the kids I took Thanksgiving Day.  My favorites are the second and last.  Enjoy!

Friday, November 25, 2011

We Are Blessed

Here's why...

August. She is smart, funny, and unnaturally compassionate. She has never met a stranger and I instantly best friends with anyone who will talk to her. She is honest to a fault, but her voice is always sweetest when she gives you a compliment.

Gentry. His eyes will make you melt and you'll want to eat his chubby cheeks. He laughs the best laugh when his belly or thighs are pinched. He is sweetest when he says "love you toooooooo."

They hold hands.

We have a new member in our family this year.

They love cows.

Our snowman had a change of attitude.

He's in a much better mood now!

My turkey turned out looking like this!

And finally...

I know this is true!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Older I Get...

The older I get I would much rather spend my evenings seeing this, August and Gentry holding hands as we take a walk on the farm.

This was taken a couple weeks ago. I remember I had had a rough day at work. I walked in the door and told the kids to put their shoes on. They eagerly headed out the door wondering where we were going.

To see the cows.

That is all it took. They headed in the direction that was most familiar to them.

This red Holstein was extra curious. August was extra helpful. Gentry was extra careful.

The older I get I would rather spend my evenings like this, watching them talk sweetly to the girls and trying to get them to eat feed from their palms.

The older I get I would rather share a bowl of ice cream and rock my kiddos before they go to bed.

If this is the meaning of life...I'm in.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Harvest Time!

The kids and I got to ride in the combine with dad yesterday. It reminds me of the times I rode around with Grandpa Byron. Back and forth across the field, time after time sitting in the grandkid seat. It was almost an honor to ride. Yesterday riding with dad took me back to those days. I'm glad my kids get to have the same experience.

Aug got the seat of honor. She got to sit on the lunch box...I mean dinner bucket. She rubbed her face all over the windshield.

Me and Gent. This was the most emotion he showed. He was really excited to be there...he just doesn't show it...ever.

See. No emotion.

August is proud and Gentry's belly is showing.

And in case there was any question about yield this year...just kidding. I watched a long time to get this picture!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011

A Friday List

1. I don't feel so good.

2. I bought orange juice.

3. For those of you that really know me, you know that I am not a fan or orange juice. It's not anything against the orange. I just feel there are far better fruits that can be juiced.

4. I vowed as a teenager that I would never, ever gargle salt water but I would make my kids do it when their throats get scratchy.

5. One of my cousins told me that screwdrivers are good for you...because they have orange juice.

6. Does anyone have some vodka they would be willing to bring to my house and make me cocktails all evening?

7. Really? No one?

8. I guess I'll just drink plain ol' juice. 'Cause I will not gargle salt water.


10. And snuggle. Because snugglin' is the best medicine anyway!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Ten Years Ago

(I know this is a day late but I didn't want to impose on all the wedding photos and festivities.)

Ten years ago:

-I was a sophomore in high school.

-I was sitting in world history next to the window, next to last row, in front of my childhood best friend, Ashley Williams.

-I had no clue what was going on around me.

-I had never heard of the World Trade Centers before that day.

-I wondered what all the fuss was about. The teacher in the next class wouldn't let us watch TV. There was buzz about an act of terrorism but we couldn't find out anything more than that.

-America declared the war on terror.

-I was globally unaware.

Since that day:

-I got married.

-I had two kids.

-They have never known our country without war.

-I'm lucky they are too young to understand.

-I am still globally unaware because I can't stand to watch the news. It's depressing.

What's next:


Sunday, September 11, 2011


Like my sister-in-law said to me when I married my husband: I've never had a sister until now.  Well, I have added another sister to my growing family.  The wedding went off without a hitch.  (No trips to Oklahoma!)  Michelle was beautiful and I have never seen my brother look so grown up.  I only cried a few times.  The emotion of a wedding is just overwhelming at times.  I'm so happy to have Michelle join our family and we wish them all the best.  (I know, that is such a predictable think to say!  I can't help it.  It's true!)

Getting our nails done.  I am happy to report that my shellac nails are still intact.  No chips!  I am shocked.  I just knew that I would be the one person that would chip shellac polish.

Buster Brown at the rehersal.  He wanted down.  I said no.  He made this face.  There is something wrong with me for liking this face, right?

Off to decorate for the reception after dinner.  This is one of the center pieces on the tables.  It looked like a garden as you looked across the room when we had finished.

Michelle being laced up.

Waiting...and waiting...and waiting...and waiting...and waiting...oh sorry! There seemed to be alot of that.

August passed out in the car only about a mile from the church on our way to the reception.

The cake was beautiful and yummy!

Jennifer, Leslie, me, and Samantha

We had a great time.  I wish the night could have lasted forever.  I got to reconnect with cousins and friends.  Being here around the people I love makes me want to be back in Olney even more.  I know I hugged a million people yesterday.  I can't help it and I'm sorry if I over hugged you.  I have come to realize that life is too short not to tell people that you love and care about them.  I guess I was making up for lost time.  And so one more time I will say: I love you all!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

This Sweet Life

As my parents and friends return from a weeklong vacation of lounging on the beach (see pics at I have found myself jealous. While I was stuck in my life of work and wiping poop off butts, they were enjoying the sun and surf.

Then today I remembered I took this picture the other day. We had been playing outside. Aug was pulling Buster Brown around in the wagon. They had been waving and talking to the students as they walked by. Then I looked over and saw this. I snapped the picture just in time. They quickly moved away from each other.

Had I been on vacation, I would have missed this sweet moment of life at our house, here on the farm.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This Weekend

Mom, Aug, and Gent reading "Cooper" on the iPad.  I love that they both are resting their heads in their hands!

At the Zoo!  I thought I would take a picture of the kids when we first got there while they were both contained and not grumpy...

...and then I took Gentry's juice out of his hand.  Hmph!

Feeding the giraffes!

Gent thought it was pretty awesome.  Aug wasn't too sure about their tongues.

Gentry watching the roofers at mom and dads.  He would have been out there if I would have let him!

Last Weekend

I finally got my new backdrops and lights.  I'm super eager to try them out!  Any takers?

Amy's baby shower!  We can't wait to meet the little girl.

Aug swimming on her own! Amy taught her.  What am I going to teach her little girl?

Buster Brown just hangin'!

Michelle's Bridal Shower!

Three generations...that look like strangers.  Could we be any different?

Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Life in Instagram

Enjoyed looking at this. It's spoon butter. The best part is that is came with a hand written tag. Nobody does that anymore.

I'm squishing your head!

Giddy up, Pokey. Be careful. He bucks!


Auggie and her first crush.

My dead plant. I seriously don't know what is wrong with me! The geraniums are fine... This one is having trouble.