Sunday, February 15, 2009


August loves her daddy so much, in case you couldn't tell from these pictures. She roars with laughter when they play. Here, they were fighting over her bananas. She started shoving them into her mouth before Travis took them. It was funny until she started to gag and had to spit them out. I love to watch them play together. The other day Travis told her that he was going to see the cows and she started yelling, "I come, I come." The little girl cried after he left her. She just loves going outside with Travis.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

And she quit....

She will no longer have anything to do with the potty. All she wants to do is stand on it. She will tell me when she "poots" as she holds her bottom. Maybe in a couple months we will try again.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


We bought August a potty chair. I am soooo sick of changing diapers. I know, I know...this is only the beginning. Yesterday she got used to the idea of her own potty chair. After she sat with her bare butt for a bit, I turned my back for a minute, she closed the lid and stood on it. I couldn't resist taking this picture. Maybe on her 16th birthday or when she brings her first boyfriend home I will dig out this picture!

Today when we got home I asked her if she had to potty. She kept saying "potty, potty," so I put her on it. Then she insisted on having a book. About 10 minutes later I tried to get her off but she kept saying "potty." Finally she stood up...and there it was! She went in the potty! We were so excited. We called daddy that minute...and Mimi the next.

Travis has gotten in this habit of reading to August while I fix supper. He brought home a Progressive Dairyman, which they have been reading. He reads the articles outloud to her and she just listens. She is going to be quite the heardswoman someday...hopes her daddy.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What a Weekend!


Amy took me out for my birthday when I got home. I have not had that much fun in a really long time!


After we recovered from the night before--Amy, Patty, Mimi, Samantha, Jennifer, my mom, and I made the invitations for Amy's shower. Then we watched old movies of us growing up. I cried I was laughing so hard.

Derek took August to Michelle's house while us girls were busy. She played doctor with Braxton, her supposed future husband. (He said August was beautiful and when asked, said he would marry her.) Then they played in the snow. They said August had a great time sledding.

That night Derek, Michelle, and I had a Wii tournament. The first picture is boxing, the second is bowling. Meanwhile, August pulled my dad into her new tent and made him stay in there.

My grandma came over for lunch...mmm...mmm...good! August made my mom and my dad wear her sunglasses while they read her stories...and she played with Minnie, Derek and Michelle's dog.

I wanted August to stay awake during the afternoon so that she would sleep on the way home. She woke my dad up, pulled him into the kitchen because she was hungry. She fell asleep in her high chair when he turned around to get her more to eat. The little girl was so tired. She didn't even wake up when my grandma held her, which is unusual. She is not a cuddler or a heavy nap taker. She usually wakes up if she is disturbed.