Monday, January 24, 2011

Weiler Christmas

I tried to take family pictures at the Weiler Christmas.  My flash broke right before we got started.  What I have is okay, but not really what I was wanting to get.

First and second generations:  My dad, Uncle Ben, Aunt Julie, Grandma, and Aunt Janet.

Third generation:  Kathy, Megan, Clayton, Michelle, Kali,
Milton, Anthony, Chris, me, Derek, and Serena.

Fourth generation:  August, Alex, Jack, Emery, Gentry, and Caroline.  (All the kids are named after family members.)

My Family:  Michelle, Derek, Dad, Mom, August, Grandma, me, and Gentry.

Christmas...I know it's late

This was probably the best Christmas ever.  Aug was so excited to open all of her presents and Gentry was really into it, too.

Christmas picture in their new pj's.  Aug has a big tear on her cheek.  Gentry had pulled her hair a few frames before this picture was taken.  Over 40 pictures taken and this is the one good one of both of them!

Visiting Santa.  August just wasn't too sure of him.  That was all the closer she wanted to get and I couldn't get her to smile for the picture.  Gentry was eyeing his beard.  I was so afraid he was going to pull on it.

Pillow pets from Mommy and Daddy.

We must have been Santa's first stop on Christmas because he came on Christmas Eve.  We were watching TV upstairs and heard noises downstairs.  We looked out the window to see if Santa was leaving.  Aug was pretty sure she saw him fly away.  When we went down, the presents were there under the tree.

Aug wearing her Hello Kitty socks and house shoes from Santa.

Santa knew how much Gentry loves to play with balls.  He got five, and we can only find two right now.  Hmm.