Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Shpanks-gibing!

At least that's how it's said at my house! August just loved making these Oreo turkeys. I asked her if she wanted to make turkeys. She was so excited at first and had no idea what she was actually going to be doing. I put the icing on the Oreo and she put on the Kisses and candy corn. I put on the eyes. If you look at the last picture, you can tell which ones I made and which ones she made. She was kind of upset when we were done. I guess we'll have to make more tomorrow when these are gone!

Things that I am thankful for: (in no particular order)
1. August and baby number 2
2. Travis
3. Almost being done with school (although sad I have to go back to work)
4. My family
5. When the students manage to keep all gates closed and the cows don't get loose and run across Lincoln Avenue!
6. Chocolate and all things sweet
7. Memorable experiences (like the ones below)
8. The fact that I think I am almost done Christmas shopping (although I am sure I am missing someone!)
9. Playhouse Disney
10. My friends

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Halloween

First of all, Happy Halloween. I know I am a few days late. I should have had these pictures up over the weekend. August was a cow. We only went to a couple of places but she had fun saying "trick-or-treat!"

I took August to get a flu vaccination on Monday. They didn't have any of the traditional flu vaccines left, so she got the mist. I told August that the nurse would be putting "water" in her nose and that she would have to sniff. We practiced a couple of times. After the nurse put it in her nose, Aug hopped off my lap and looked at the nurse and says, "Oh thank you I feel better."
I went to the doctor yesterday for a check up. We took August along so that she could hear the baby's heartbeat. We talked to her about it in the car on the way there. While I am talking with the doctor, August looks at her and asks, "We hear baby now?" It was in a tone of voice that said, "lets get this moving, I'm ready to go."
Having seen Amy's blog, I decided to ask the other teachers about this planetary alignment thing in the lounge yesterday. Every last one of them made fun of me! They looked at me like I was nuts! All I wanted to know was if anyone else had heard of it. The teacher that I am working with tries it last night and it worked for her. Ha! She made a public now I'm not the crazy one at school. (At least I didn't try to do it with my Swiffer like one of the other student teachers.)