Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chicken Tape

I may or may not have thrown August's baby doll down the stairs this morning instead of letting her climb the stairs to get it herself. This may or may not have caused the baby doll's head to break off its shoulders. Derek and Michelle are here this weekend. August took it to Derek to fix. Derek yells up the stairs, "Did the baby's head always sit sideways?" No, I don't think so. Then she brought it upstairs to me to fix becuase Derek didn't know how. (Aug said he didn't know how.) I laughed so hard I cried. The baby's head was only attached by a wire. Sorry August, the baby doll is not fixable. I return upstairs to finish my hair. August comes over to the bottom of the stair case and yells, "Do we have any chicken tape?" That's the funny thing about uncles. They can't fix things like mommies and they make your kids say the funniest things.

The reason this is funny is becuase when Derek was younger he asked Mom, "Do we have any egg, chicken, DUCK TAPE!?!" It has been kind of a running joke in the family.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Misadventures of a Farm Wife, Part 3

The phone rings at 1 am. That's right, 1 in the morning. It's the University Police and there are cows out. I ask Travis if he needs my help. I usually go out and just leave August in bed when the cows get out at night. Not this time, he says, becuase the police are here and that is like child abandonment or something silly.

I got back to bed like I'm going to go back to sleep (ha!). Phone rings a few minutes later. Put August in the car, he says, I need you to barricade. Fantastic. I wake my peacefully sleeping two year old (who, by the way quit sleeping through the night until that night). I put her coat on her and wrap her in a blanket and throw her in the car, buckled of course becuase the police are here.

I back in to my position and wait. Here come a small herd of 7 or 8. A few minutes later, another small herd. I look in the rearview, there are three behind me. The make their way around the car. Here come the girls!, August proclaims like it was completely normal that the cows were walking around the car. I change positions. I realize that in my new position, the car is not enough and that I will have to become a human barricade.

One hour, five or six cops, and about sixty cows later we were done. If you want to see something funny, watch city boy cops try to herd cows. "This is like the great goat chase!," one said. "I can't wait to have a steak after this." "You pain in the ass, not you the cow."

What a life! I love this part of it!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Guess What We're Doing Right Now.....

August played with my make-up bag during the night and we are looking for it. That's right. She woke up this morning with black marks on her face. I assumed it was pen or marker from a cup we have next to the computer. Then, as I am getting ready I notice my make-up bag is missing. I guess it is eye liner on her face. All of my make-up is in that bag! She is walking room to room saying "hmm, hmm. I can't find it."

This is only one of the funny things she has done recently.

She went to the doctor with me earlier this week. She likes to hear the baby's heartbeat. She told the nurse that it sounded like a monkey. The nurse started cracking up.

The doctor then told her that she was a cutie. She replied with "uh huh, I cutie."

She freaks out when she poops in her diaper but insists that she will not use the big girl potty. We're even bribing her with dollars. No luck. Maybe Dr. Phil knows what to do. (That one's for you, Amy.)

She insisted that Travis clean the snow of the windshield of his truck so she could see out. She then says, "oh thank you daddy" like he had just done the best thing ever.

So. Since I have been writing, she has found my the corner of her room. It's kind of scary what she can do while I'm sleeping! Should I hide the kitchen knives?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Over Due Update...

I have been told on more than one occasion and by more than one person that I need to update my blog. I know. It's been a while. The thing is that I don't spend as much time on the computer "doing homework" like I used to do.

The good news is that I am D-O-N-E with school. I passed the test to get my Indiana license. I have to get certified in CPR and then I can officially apply. That means in about a month I will be an actual teacher!

The baby is doing well. I went to the doctor today. August has been going with me. She likes to hear the baby's heart. Today she told the nurse that it sounded like a monkey. She was also told she was a cutie and she said, "uh huh, I cutie." She insisted on taking her new Hello Kitty purse with her. Thankfully, it kept her entertained for the half hour that we waited.

And now on to Christmas pictures. This is all I have right now. I have not had my camera out as much as I would like.

Amy and Rylan got August Elefun. It is a cute game that will help August with her hand-eye coordination. The poor girl inherited my inability to see something and do it at the same time. Hopefully this will help her. She loves playing it. The night she opened it at their house, she made everyone play, including Rylan's sister.
August opening presents from Santa Clause. He brought her a veterinary kit. It is so cute. It has a little dog and cat and a kennel on the front to keep them in. It also came with all the regular doctor supplies. Travis said this is his favorite present. Now August can work on animals like daddy.
This is how she went through her stocking. She simply dumped everything on the floor and then started going through it. She wouldn't pull one thing out at a time.
August with her cousins on the Michels side. Youngest to oldest: Simon, Perrin, Stephen, and Rolande. August and Simon are about six months apart. They are too cute playing together. They even said please and thank you to each other.
At Dennis and Linda's for Christmas we played this game, I think it was called Rudolph. Each team had to take eight balloons, blow them up, and put them in the panty hose. Then one member had to put in on their head and say "Rudolph." This is Aug and the boys wearing their antlers.
Me with my Weiler cousins.
My brother and I with our Grandma Jinny.
When August and I got back from Olney snow was everywhere and Travis wanted to take her outside to play. Here they are trying to make snowballs to throw at me.
Then Travis wanted to take her sledding but we didn't have a sled. He took the lid off of a big storage container and drilled two holes in it. He tied some wire through the holes and then attached it to a long rope. He pulled August around the driveway. Her face was priceless as he pulled her through the snow. She just loved it and cried when we took her inside.
And finally....Travis and I have these hand-me-down chairs that are nearly as old as I am. About six months ago one of them started falling apart. It got to the point that the only way you could sit on it was if you pushed it up against the wall. I kept telling Travis that I was going to put it on the front lawn. I never did becuase I was worried that it would sit there for weeks before it was hauled away. The day I took out the Christmas tree I decided that I had had enough. I don't know how it got in the house but it was hell to get out of the house. It got stuck in the doorway with me outside! I'm sure it would have been a comical sight to see a pregnant woman push and pull and cuss this chair out the door. However, I feel much better with it gone.