Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tractor Ride

It's been a little crazy 'round these parts. The kids have gone about half nuts not having Travis around. That means I have gone about half nuts.

Pa happened to be planting next to their house so it seemed the perfect time for a tractor ride.

The kids have never been more quiet or calm as they were in the tractor. Of course, there is not a tractor purchases on the farm that doesn't have a grandkid seat in it! (Many of you know this to be the "buddy" or passenger seat.)

Aug and I got out and Gentey rode for the first time by himself. Dad said he just sat there and watched. I'm not surprised. You might remember post from last fall. He is so sober when he is in the tractor. Gentry just might turn into quite the little farming buddy in the next few years!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Garden

First of  We don't know what we are doing.

This is how we work our ground.  I guess we could have done it with a small tiller but this way is much easier.  It's handy having one of these big things around.  And the kids loved seeing the tractor in the back yard.

Cheers!  This is how we started our planting day.  We planned how we were going to lay the whole thing out and then just dug in.

So did Gentry.  Dude was dirty at the end of the day.

We decided to keep a notebook of the gardening experience.  Mostly what and when we did things, what went right and what went wrong.  It will be our reference for the years to come and something funny to look back on when we are gardening pros.

This would be the corn...or at least part of it.  I get my straight row planting abilities from my dad, or I guess the lack thereof.

You can see from this picture that there would be nothing else growing, except my barefoot baby (who is 5 today).  The tomatoes are dead and so is most of the lettuce.

At least the basil and cilantro are growing nicely!  Maybe in a few weeks I will have good news about the garden.  I sure hope so...

Easter Sunday

We spent the weekend with Travis.  The kids were up at 5:45.  Yep.  That early.  On a weekend.  August was highly disappointed that the Easter Bunny did not hide eggs at our house.  I told her it was my fault because I forgot to leave eggs out for him.  Whoops.  There's always next year.

Excuse the pictures.  They are not my best work.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lenten Season - The Results

Who knew that when Lent began and I chose this as my project, I would be put the the ultimate test.  Seems God had big plans for me and my family.  He's funny like that.  You have heard the phrase: if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.  Well, I did.  And I'm sure he laughed and said, "girl, you have no idea what's coming!"

A little recap of the last month.  My last post was on February 22.  I then was offered a job in Olney.  The kiddos and I moved on February 29.  I started my new job on March 1.  (Long story short, Travis needs to stay in Urbana for a few more months to tie up his grad school and job.)

The kids and I have been living away from my husband for a little over a month now.  This is probably the hardest thing I have done.  I was scared (read: terrified) at first how this was all going to work out.  We would be living with my parents.  Travis living alone in our house in Urbana.  Due to scheduling conflicts, we have only seen him twice since then.  We talk every day.  I am so thankful for Skype and video calling.  The kids and I can at least see his face sometimes.

I am happy to report that I would call my Lenten project a success.  I decided that I would work on my relationships and I have.  Even my relationships with friends and family have been put to the test.  We have been away for six years.  It's strange and pretty awesome to be back.  We can't wait for Travis to come back with us!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lenten Season

Growing up, the Lenten season was always easy. I went to a Catholic school so everyone there was practicing the same traditions, meatless Fridays and giving something up.

Meatless Fridays I can do. I can make simple meals that satisfy the rest of the family while I can still fast.

Giving something up? Humph! Diet coke. Coffee. Do you want to see a grumpy monster? Didn't think so. Tv. Internet. Facebook. My family would not do well without tv. I need to stay connected to everyone I love. I couldn't think of anything else that would work. I guess I could have given up chocolate or snacks at night. Maybe next year...

Last year as I thought about all these things to give up I wondered why I was supposed to do it. I came to the conclusion that it was to make me a better person. How is giving up something going to make me a better person? Yeah, I don't know either. So I decided to do something good. It stems from the philosophy: be kinder than necessary. I gave at least one compliment to someone who was not family or friend each day. It went really well. I had a few strange looks and many conversations that started because of what I had said.

So. This year I'm doing something similar. I am going to work on the relationships I currently have instead of focusing on strangers. (This kind of goes along with my New Year's Resolution.) This is a good thing. I hope this year goes as well as last year.

What are you giving up or not giving up?

Monday, January 9, 2012

A New Kind of Resoultion

Usually this time of year, most people have made...and broken...their New Year's Resolutions. That group includes me. I don't even remember what I decided to do last year. All I know is it didn't happen.

My kids were with Grandma, Grandpa, Mimi, and Pa the week between Christmas and the first. (Thanks to them, by the way!) I discovered Pinterest bringing my world to a standstill. I looked and pinned all week. I found the following two sayings/pictures and they keep running through my mind. You'll see why. the fashion of all good procrastinators I have decided to make myself a couple of resolutions.

We all do this. I tell myself: I was good yesterday, I can have a candy bar today. Or: let's make cookies, I'll only eat one. Yeah, right!

So here's the deal. Candy is for sharing with my kids. I will make better food choices.

For many parts of my life this is very true. I have my husband, my kids, and a life on this farm. Work is okay most days. The only part of my life that is completely ridiculous is that I am not teaching and I am not around family and friends nearly enough. I'm not speaking just physically but with kinder gestures.

So, I will write more letters, make more phone calls, and *gulp* send more texts and emails.


Now, I am going to need some reminding. That's why I'm leaning on you. Yell, call, or slap me. Seriously.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Morning...At 5 a.m.

Christmas morning came at 5 a.m. at our house.  Not becuase the kids were up but because Travis was up.  He had to go into work early so that meant everyone was up.  I love seeing the tree and presents all lit up before the sun rises.

Pants-less Gentry looking at his new cars.  He refuses to wear his pajama pants.

August liked her new Tinkerbell movie.
Our family Christmas picture.

I Still Get Starry Eyed...

So we waited until December 23 to go see Santa.  Actually, I forgot until December 22 at 9 pm.  So we loaded up in the car and made the trek to the mall. 

Did I mention it was December 23?

The mall was atrociously busy.  The line was long.  And there was a brat in line behind us.  My children were angels.  Litterally angels.

Forty-five minutes later we reached Santa and Mrs. Clause.  Yep, Mrs. Clause was there and she was pretty awesome.  Both kids sat on Santa's lap and they talked about what they wanted for Christmas.  Aug insisted that she wanted a motor boat with a remote control.  Gentry just stared at him.

They talked for quite a while.  It made it totally worth the wait. 

Aug's Preschool Christmas Program

August was so cute in her preschool Christmas program.  She waved at us, just like last year.  She sung all the words to all the songs.  It warms my heart to see her in action like that.  We have been so blessed to have found Kinder Cassel.  She loves going to school and loves her teachers.  It seems like weekly one of her teachers tells me a funny or sweet story about her.

(Pretend there is a video here of August and her classmates singing.  I'm having trouble uploading.)

We Wish You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!