Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Garden

First of  We don't know what we are doing.

This is how we work our ground.  I guess we could have done it with a small tiller but this way is much easier.  It's handy having one of these big things around.  And the kids loved seeing the tractor in the back yard.

Cheers!  This is how we started our planting day.  We planned how we were going to lay the whole thing out and then just dug in.

So did Gentry.  Dude was dirty at the end of the day.

We decided to keep a notebook of the gardening experience.  Mostly what and when we did things, what went right and what went wrong.  It will be our reference for the years to come and something funny to look back on when we are gardening pros.

This would be the corn...or at least part of it.  I get my straight row planting abilities from my dad, or I guess the lack thereof.

You can see from this picture that there would be nothing else growing, except my barefoot baby (who is 5 today).  The tomatoes are dead and so is most of the lettuce.

At least the basil and cilantro are growing nicely!  Maybe in a few weeks I will have good news about the garden.  I sure hope so...

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A said... told me I was heading north with the corn I headed back south to try to even it out in the end. What a DISASTER of a row!! But hey! We're trying our best! And we had a darn good time in the process!!