Monday, January 9, 2012

A New Kind of Resoultion

Usually this time of year, most people have made...and broken...their New Year's Resolutions. That group includes me. I don't even remember what I decided to do last year. All I know is it didn't happen.

My kids were with Grandma, Grandpa, Mimi, and Pa the week between Christmas and the first. (Thanks to them, by the way!) I discovered Pinterest bringing my world to a standstill. I looked and pinned all week. I found the following two sayings/pictures and they keep running through my mind. You'll see why. the fashion of all good procrastinators I have decided to make myself a couple of resolutions.

We all do this. I tell myself: I was good yesterday, I can have a candy bar today. Or: let's make cookies, I'll only eat one. Yeah, right!

So here's the deal. Candy is for sharing with my kids. I will make better food choices.

For many parts of my life this is very true. I have my husband, my kids, and a life on this farm. Work is okay most days. The only part of my life that is completely ridiculous is that I am not teaching and I am not around family and friends nearly enough. I'm not speaking just physically but with kinder gestures.

So, I will write more letters, make more phone calls, and *gulp* send more texts and emails.


Now, I am going to need some reminding. That's why I'm leaning on you. Yell, call, or slap me. Seriously.

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